Learning a Continuous Process

Learning is lifelong, to think that we stop learning once out of college is a myth. Learning is just as important as breathing, it is the oxygen that nourishes our mind, keeping it active and full of energy. Learning should be a continuous process and should never be neglected. As we grow as individuals we acquire unique sets of skills that allow us to adapt to our surroundings. This continuous cycle of change, adapting to change and a short constant is the only constant of our life. Learning helps us adapt easier, quicker and come out with better solutions.


Directing our learning efforts to acquire a relevant and convertible skill set almost guarantees returns. Professionally relevant courses can be easily converted into financial gains if properly marketed and showcased in your profile. Prepare for career changes and probable positions that can be filled in to acquire industry-specific skills. Keep on improving your profile and this will help you climb the career ladder, carve out niche jobs for yourself, and even earn a passive income base.

Competence, Capability, and Confidence

An avaricious attitude towards learning enables you to catch the eye of recruiters. An impressive resume with an industry-specific skill set enables you to top the list of favorite resumes. Your experience and knowledge allow you to exude confidence in your interviews, even where critical thinking and logical reasoning are involved. Knowledge brings about capability, the ability to manage problems, it widens your horizons and allows you to anticipate problems and take the necessary preventive actions.


When it comes to famous inventors like Tesla and Edison, continuous learning, a habit of reading, and the hunger for knowledge are common characteristics they all have. Learning instills an intuitive and inquisitive mind, essentials for innovation. It opens your mind enabling you to see multiple sides to a problem changing your attitude, building and rebuilding yourself constantly.

Knowledge and avenues of learning are now available at your fingertips. Given the effort required and the gains it yields, continuous learning should no longer be an option but a necessity.

Purple Butterfly believes in the transformational power of knowledge.